Fish tank, revisited

March 25, 2018 Seth Loftis 0 Comments

Breathe in before going under. You will last a long time because
everything is new and chrome inside the containment. Emerging
from the superficial depth purity the liquid layer runs off your face
and drips neatly. Can you breathe? (No one asks you this.)

You get bored quickly in the two-gallon manscaped environment
floored with blue pebbles that look icy. Over time the tank
becomes full of pondwater and of course you know this has
negative effects but you are unsure who is noticing the change.
Blue, green–

You plunge down again and you find your oxygen running out.
You take you think your last breath and it’s scary and you
remember the feeling when you did a shit ton of drugs with a
Lionfish and you didn’t want to fuck but you did anyway. His room
quickly becomes this fish tank and you gulp for air but there is
none left.

Water cyclones and waves whirl around the fishbowl and you
begin to close your eyes and drift freely through the current—the
solidarity of a blue Betta fish with orange fins, probably male,
which dies after two years.