An Apology

March 26, 2018 Xan Thomas 0 Comments

Boy falls from high-chair
collides with linoleum
the floor is lava
red like blood
seeping from open knee
Boy needs help, bandage, hug
he is told to dig
bury Boy down
Boy down, Boy down
each un-kissed wound
sends Boy down
until Boy knows
blood is tough
scrapes and cuts
scars over love
so, Man up
like fists up, chin up
suck those tears back up
Man isn’t fluid
Man is made of steel
eats nails instead of meals
Man is a fixer-upper
hammer head too hard
to touch art, theater,
poetry slam
but just hard enough
for garage or bar
or woman’s bed
Man on top
thrusting, screwing
into her deeper, deeper
Man knows how
to conquer
to take

one day
woman sees Man
steel melting from his eyes
gagging on nails
from his breakfast
woman doesn’t know
says, “Man up”
so, Man goes up
Man goes so far up
limp legs dangle
His neck strangles
Man is up above
kicked chair
the floor is lava
red like blood pooling
in Man’s heart
Man’s heavy