about calliope

Founded in the Spring of 2018, Calliope is a literary magazine focused on showcasing the best work of bright emerging writers. Drawing inspiration from the vast array of literary publications before her, Calliope calls upon the muse from whom she borrows her name – respectfully, and with proper dues.

Calliope is the “Chief” of the nine muses in Greek Mythology. Presiding over epic poetry, the harmony of her voice and her eloquence have provided inspiration to writers and artists since antiquity. It’s only by looking back that we might look forward – in creating art, we so often look to our own past, as a collective and as individuals.

By deriving her name from the past, Calliope hopes to inspire future generations of writers to continue forward – breaking through boundaries to make art inclusive, radical, and as important today as it was thousands of years ago.

Created and edited by Helen Armstrong.